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Billing Cycles and Notices

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                       Due Date:  20th of Every Month                                 Fees: 
Bill is late on the 21st10% applied to unpaid balance.
7-Day Notice: Delinquent letter is sent$10
5-Day shut off door hangers$10
61-Days Delinquent Charge & Water is Shut-Off$50
Reconnection Fee (regular hours)$50
Reconnection Fee (after hours)  After 4:00 PM $100

Any delinquent account that remains unpaid for more than 60 days without a payment arrangement will incur delinquent charges and have water services shut off and meter locked.

Payments can be made in the dropbox before the due date, provided they are received on time. Accounts in Past Due status must pay their delinquent amounts during business hours or through any other electronic method of payment, such as online or via phone at 1-877-825-4414.